Avoid Having an Ugly Home by Scheduling Exterior House Painting

Task a seasoned house painter in Waterville, ME to update your home

The outside of your home deserves as much attention as the inside. Give it a complete makeover with help from It's Just Painting and Building for exterior house painting service. We'll refresh all areas of your home, including the siding, deck or patio. We'll even add a splash of color to your shutters for added style.

If you're in Waterville, ME or the surrounding area and need exterior house painting service, call now for your free estimate.

Preparation makes for a smooth application

Just slapping a coat of paint on your walls isn't going to cut it. There's an entire preparation process that takes place before we even whip out the paint brush. This includes:

Repairing minor structural damage
Removing dirt by pressuring washing
Scraping old paint off your exterior
Applying a protective primer

Our house painter will make sure your surface is fully prepared for paint.

Schedule your appointment with our house painter in Waterville, ME ASAP.